Rota of Investigators / Experiments

Derek Green (Co-ordinator)
Craig McDonald
Bill Green
Chris de Rosa
Leanne Cofax

Joan Green (Team Leader)
Frank Carr
Rhoda Carr
Lisa Bowell
Fiona Bisset

Dave Alderton (Team Leader)
Lynn Robertson
Kay Robertson
Marco Piva
Bronach McElhone
Carolanne Douglas

Staff in Attendance: John Bulloch Museum Officer and Emma Gascoigne.

Before Investigation commences the following trigger objects and Experiments were set up.

2 Slates and Chalk
Dunce Cap
Pen Nib
EVP 20:45 - 21:15 hrs - 2nd FLOOR CORRIDOR

Pastry Cutter
Carbolic Soap

Vigil Time Location Time Allocation Group Number
1 18:30 - 19:00 hrs 2nd Floor Corridor 30 Minutes 1
Girls Stair 30 Minutes 2
Ground Floor 30 Minutes 3
2 19:05 - 19:35 hrs 2nd Floor Corridor 30 Minutes 2
Girls Stair 30 Minutes 3
Ground Floor 30 Minutes 1
3 19:40 - 20:10 hrs 2nd Floor Corridor 30 Minutes 3
Girls Stair 30 Minutes 1
Ground Floor 30 Minutes 2
4 20:15 - 20:45 hrs Cookery Room 30 Minutes 2
Victorian C/Room 30 Minutes 3
To be Decided 30 Minutes 1
20:45 - 21:10 hrs BREAK 30 Minutes
5 21:15 - 21:45 hrs Cookery Room 30 Minutes 1
Victorian C/Room 30 Minutes 2
To be Decided 30 Minutes 3
6 21:50 - 22:20 hrs Cookery Room 30 Minutes 3
Victorian C/Room 30 Minutes 1
To be Decided 30 Minutes 2
7 22:25 - 22:55 hrs Audio Visual Room 30 Minutes 2&3
Admin Office 30 Minutes 1

8 23:00 - 23:45 hrs To Be Decided 45 Minutes

Temperature Monitors will be placed in the following locations:
Beam Barriers will be placed in the following location:
The following areas were covered during the investigation.
* The Audio Visual Room
* The Girls Stair
* The Admin Office
* The Victorian Classroom
* The Cookery Room
* The Second Floor Corridor

Owners and Occupants: Culture and Sport (Glasgow).
16:45 hrs - Arrive at Open Air Carpark in Scotland Street opposite Scotland Street School.
16:55 hrs - Arrive at front gates of School.
17:10 hrs - Tour of Building.
17:35 hrs - Equipment placed by Investigators.
18:15 hrs - Briefing by Joan Green.
18:25 hrs - Investigation teams make way to first location.
Scotland Street School Museum presents the history of education in Scotland as a genuine school experience. The school was built between 1903 and 1906. At the museum you can learn the story of Scotland Street Public School and the developments in education in Scotland through a combination of displays, audio-visuals and reconstructed and restored classrooms.
The three classroom reconstructions show the changing face of the schoolroom from the Victorian era through the Second World War to the classroom of the fifties and sixties. The barrel vaulted cookery room, cloakrooms, and ceramic-tiled drill hall are restored to the original 1906 designs. You can learn about Architects stormy working relationship with the School Board and explore in more depth his design and detailing.

Alleged phenomena centres on different areas of the building, there have been regular sightings of at least two apparitions on the first and third floors. One sighting left a member of the staff quite upset. Various sounds have also been heard when no public are in the building and members of the public have also heard similar sounds on one of the staircases. Objects have also been reported to move in the Cookery Room and strange cold spots have been detected in the building in the height of Summer. In Winter when heating is on at full, these cold spots continue to chill staff members.

The following information has been taken from the notes of the investigators present and where possible notes have been copied verbatim and listed by location.

Prior to the investigation, the following was recorded by the investigators:
17:50 hrs - CRAIG MCDONALD witnessed a dark shadow which came out of the Audio Visual Room. This shadow started to glide down the corridor and then simply vanish. Craig witnessed this while he was standing on the Mezzanine Floor just above the area of the AV Room. Craig was not aware of any of the previous witness testimonies. (See Summing Up)
TIME: 18:35 HRS
The vigil for group 1 opened at 18:35 hrs, Derek asked out for communication and Chris said he had become aware of an energy at the door outside the girls stair. He described the energy as being 4ft 2" in height and the name Elsie was brought forward, she was 11 years old and with this came the song "Ring a ring a Roses". Chris described Elsie as running up and down the corridor and he added that she may have been heard from time to time like a rythmic sound running up and down the corridor. Chris received a year 1921 and he also added that he thought the energy hovered about 3 to 4 ft from the floor.
At 18:42 hrs, Craig McDonald felt a cold spot pass through him.
At 18:47 hrs, Museum Officer John Bulloch and Craig both heard a clicking sound come from the boys end of the corridor.
Leanne Cofax noted that she could smell sick in the corridor and could only think of a little girl aged between 8 and 9 years old with a limp but who appeared to be very happy.
Chris also noted the name Hamilton and a cracking sound was heard to come from the wall. Chris added that he was sensing the name Tommy and a year of 1921 which was very significant and added that he was clairvoyantly seeing a Peacock but could not fully understand why. Derek then asked out for Elsie and Tommy to try and communicate further or show a sign that they were present in the corridor. Chris then added that he felt that some of the rooms in the school had been named after famous Scots like Watt and Kelvin etc. He added that these names were not specifically the names in question but an example. This information came from Tommy. Chris added that the boys and girls were not allowed to mix in the corridor and that the school employed a Monitor type person who was in their early twenties and possibly a young teacher. Derek then asked out if any teachers were present and could they respond to his knocks. After a couple minutes of experimental knocking, a bump and an echo were heard coming from the corridor.
At 19:01 hrs, Craig heard the same noise which was a bump and an echo come from the girls end of the corridor.
At 19:04 hrs, Craig witnessed a shadow at the door of the Victorian Classroom, this shadow moved into the room. (This is also a previous witness testimony).
At 19:07 hrs, Craig noted feeling pins and needles in his feet, no explanation could be given as he was walking around at the time.
At 19:09 hrs - Chris noted seeing an orb with the naked eye.

TIME: 18:35 HRS
The group gathered in the girls cloakroom. Lisa noted a feeling of butterflies in her stomach. The group noted loose windows in case of any noise.

Lisa opened the vigil with the impression of children about 8 years of age running around the cloakroom area. In the room Joan started using her pendulum and was receiving a negative reaction to one corner of the room. Lisa said that she sensed that a boy and a teacher may have clashed as personalities. Lisa was sensing the name Robert Gillies.

Lisa explained that the boy was running around the corridor and clashed into the teacher. Lisa had the impression that the teacher had hit him and that the boy may have been in serious trouble as the teacher had caught him in the girls cloakroom. Lisa described the teacher as in his forties, balding, tall and stocky. Lisa added that she could see the silhoutte of the boy running around and clashing into the teacher. The year 1930 was called in and the name of Mr Ellis was also given. Lisa finished off by saying that the boy's parents were not happy about the treat'ment and felt that the punishment was OTT.

Joan and Fiona went out onto the stairwell and tried a knock and rap experiment on some of the doors. No response was recorded. Fiona could sense a busy school with all the children's feet running up and down the stair. Joan then knocked on the girls toilet door and had the very strong impression that someone was standing behind the door, unfortunately the door was locked and Joan could not gain access.

TIME: 18:35 HRS
At the beginning of the vigil, Marco was standing in front of the wheelchair ramp and became aware of a man in a crouched position, laying tiles. The man was described as being blond, longish hair and called Joe. Marco said that the communication stated that Joe was worried about Mr Charles (could this have been Charles Rennie MacIntosh the architect whom Joe was referring to? In those days bosses would have been referred to by their first name with Mr in front eg Mr Charles) because of the upset caused by what happened in Liverpool.

Carolanne Douglas went to go upstairs to get her notebook and felt a very strong presence at the bottom of the stairs outside the girls toilet. Caroleanne felt that she did not belong there and made her way up a different staircase.

Group 3 entered the AV Room, as soon as they were in the room Kay Robertson's torch stopped working. Kay had placed two brand new batteries in it. She then replaced them with another two and it still did not work. (Later on the torch was working.)
At 18:40 hrs, Lynn Robertson asked out, Kay noted the following:
"When I came into the building tonight, the name Charles came into my head. I felt he was a boy aged between 7 and 8 and with brown knee length socks, a blazer and a brown bowl cut hair style."

Lynn noted the following:
"Hospital feeling - feels like an old fashioned ward. I feel anxious and have the name of Peter Fleming. Bronach said that she felt uncomfortable in the room as well. Feeling as if people are getting blood transfusions. Was standing at the front left of the room and despite a draught I was boiling. Dave has checked my temperature and there is no change."

The group then moved out into the corridor where Marco saw movement on the stair at the Mezz level. Just at the same time, Marco sensed a gentleman who wanted to be called Sir. This man was not very tall, well dressed and in his fifties and had a connection to the army. Marco then explained that before the vigil started he had seen a shadow moving quickly up the girls stair.
At 18:50 hrs, Lynn noted the following name of Sheila Simpson who has a built up shoe on her left foot and is wearing a dark brown twin set. Sheila was short of breath and was smelling of strong soap. Carolanne started to walk around the main foyer and was drawn towards the boys stair where she was sure she witnessed a shadow gliding up the stair.

At 18:55 hrs, Marco sensed the name Henry/Harry Gunn, possibly in his teens and Bronach heard the sound of three footsteps walk across the ceiling above the group in the exhibition room off the Ground Floor. No one was on the first floor at the time and Bronach heard two footfalls clearly.

TIME: 19:07 HRS
The group gathered on the Ground Floor and from 19:07 - 19:14 hrs, a series of noises, clicks, shuffles and bumps were heard on the Ground Floor, these were all heard by the group.
Derek then asked out and said the word "Kids" while speaking. Not knowing what Derek had said Chris said he heard the word "Goats" from spirit. Derek then decided to blow a whistle on and off and during this time Leanne and Chris both heard what sounded like a ping sound and a door closing. After this the group heard more bumps and bangs coming from the floor above. Nobody was on the first floor. All the group then heard distinctive footsteps walk across the ceiling above them. The footfalls would have come from the first floor. This was investigated by Derek Green who raced up to the next floor and walked the corridor and could find no trace of anyone. Derek then checked the top floor and asked Groups two and three if they had been on the first floor, they all confirmed they had not. All the rest of the investigation team were in other areas of the building. None of them had ventured onto the first floor. At 19:12 hrs, John Bulloch heard a noise coming from the Ground Floor Staff Room but there was nobody in the room. Derek and Craig then stood down at the bottom end of the corridor beside the cafe and and facing the toilets. Both investigators then witnessed a very strange occurrence. As they stood looking at the door, they both witnessed a shadow appear behind the door. They both described the shadow as having been cast by feet standing behind the door as the light disappeared with a black shape in the middle and light emerging on either side from under the door. Both investigators entered the toilet very quickly to discover no one there. No explanation could be found for this strange occurrence as there was only one door leading in and out of the toilet and both investigators were standing in front of the door. Chris and Leanne then both reported hearing muffled voices like children coming from behind the cafe door. This could not be investigated as the door was locked and the room was in darkness but again no one should have been present in the room.

TIME: 19:07 HRS
Lisa and Rhoda both entered the Girls cloakroom while the rest of the group went on along the top floor. In the cloakroom, Lisa spotted a white misty shape and sensed that a child was close by and following her. Lisa also heard a shuffling sound coming from the room. They both then joined the others in the corridor. As the group walked down, Joan, Lisa, and Fiona all heard a sound like a knock on the door they passed. Rhoda felt that there was someone walking down the corridor behind her and she turned around and asked Lisa who was in front of her to see if she could see anything. Lisa stated that she could see the silhoutte of a man in a black flapping coat between her and Rhoda.

The Group passed the WW11 classroom and they heard two distinctive knocks coming from the door as if someone was about to enter the room. The group entered the classroom and tried to replicate the sound they had heard while they were inside the room. Lisa asked out and a rap was heard from within the room. Lisa asked out again and a further rap was heard. The group then investigated the room thoroughly but find no cause for the raps and could not replicate the sound they had heard. Just before the group left the room. Lisa clearly saw a shadow pass the door which was open. At that point further raps were heard to come from within the room, the group checked the blinds and could not explain the sounds. The group then made their way out into the corridor and met Derek coming down from the other end of the building. Derek explained that he was investigating a series of footsteps which had been heard by Group 1 on the Ground Floor. Group 2 explained what had happened to then and what they had seen passing the door. Derek confirmed that when he entered the corridor from the other end he did not see anything walking down. Derek asked if anyone from the Group had been on the first floor and they confirmed that they had not been anywhere near that area.

Derek then left the group discussing what they had seen and Lisa explained it looking like a Nun type figure which she had seen at the doorway. Lisa described the figure having some kind of covering over the head and Lisa had the impression that the shadow had stopped momentarily to look in the door.

TIME: 19:07 HRS
Carolanne noted a heavy feeling in the area at the top of the stairs, she also felt a burst of hot and cold feelings in her body and feelings of darkness.
Marco and Kay entered the cloakroom and Kay noted her chest feeling very heavy and that she was struggling for breath. Marco then sensed a little spirit boy who should not have been in the girls cloakroom. (This is similar to what Lisa had sensed earlier on.)
Lynn noted the following:
"I get a feeling that Children would have been bullied in here and possibly by a cruel teacher. I get the name Monica Stirling. I can see Monica showing them something that was in her pocket, a gold chain with a locket on the end of it".

At 19:10 hrs, the Group heard a dog barking from inside the top corridor. (This was also heard during the 2007 Investigation) It was agreed by all that the dog barking seemed to come from inside the building. The Group then met Derek on the stair as he was investigating a sound which had been heard while his group were on the Ground Floor. Lynn then made her way onto the stair and sensed the name Rehbecca and that the spelling of the name although unsual was in Lynn's head. She was about 8 years old and not in school uniform. Lynn sensed that Rehbecca was outside the Girls cloakroom and was cowering on the stairs.

Kay then reported hearing a large intake of breath, Marco also reported hearing it from just outside the cloakroom at the bannister of the staircase. Lynn then sat down on the window ledge on the next level down and had the strong feeling that she was being watched from over the railings by a teacher with a black gown.

At 19:15 hrs, Lynn reported feeling her body temperature become very very warm. Kay reported hearing a male voice shouting "Hellaw" and then Kay experienced a problem with her eye. She realised that she was appearing to go blind in one eye. Kay wondered if this had a connection to a teacher in the school who may have experienced problems with an eye. Kay was sensing that there was a teacher who was tall and wearing a brown suit, he was 52 years old and the eye injury could have been the result of a war wound. Towards the end of the vigil the group started hearing sounds like chairs being heavily dragged across a floor and sounds of a metallic object hitting off something. (The chair dragging sounds have been witnessed before by a member of staff) Lynn then sensed a gentleman who may have been a teacher at one time, he was very nervous, sweated profusely, was scared of the Hierarchy and smoked cigarettes.

TIME: 19:40 HRS
Leanne noted feeling very dizzy on the staircase and also had the feeling that she was falling.
At 19:51 hrs, Craig noted feeling very drained, dizzy and disorientated. Chris also noted feeling very uncomfortable and off balance. Chris then walked into the cloakroom and both he and Derek developed very sore headaches and Chris added that he had a feeling of panic and apprehension as though he was being told to wait for the Headmaster. Derek then reported a stabbing pain in his head while standing in the room. Derek then scanned the room with the EMF meter but could not record any anomaly. Derek and Chris both agreed later without auto suggestion that there was one area in the room which you made you feel off balance and sickish. Derek then left the room and sat down on the stairs. Shortly after this the feeling in the room became too much for Chris and he too had to come out the room as he felt very heavy and as if he was being pulled down. Chris added that he felt there had been an accident in the school and that someone had fallen down the stair and received head injuries.
Derek added that he was sensing the spirit energy of a woman who was very stern, frightening and took great delight in scaring the children. Chris said he had sensed this also earlier on and linked the name Marjorie to this woman. She was in her late 20's early 30's and not married. Chris also had the similar feeling that she took great satisfaction in threatening and frightening children.

TIME: 19:40
The group gathered in the AV Room, Fiona noted feeling the room very depressing and felt a tingly sensation in her hair. Fiona then tried Automatic Handwriting but received no results. Joan then kept thinking of a man with red hair, ginger moustache, round and plump and with specs but had no name with him.
Lisa then said that she was hearing a sound in her ear which was like paper being folded. At 19:45 hrs, Joan and Lisa both heard what sounded like sticky feet walking about a floor. Lisa, Rhoda and Joan then all reported hearing 3 knocks coming from within the room but they could not trace where they were coming from.

TIME: 19:40 HRS
The group gathered at the end of the corridor and Carolanne felt very cold. Lynn noted feeling a very cold draught pass from her right to left along the corridor. Carolanne felt the same draught and then Carolanne felt sharp stabbing pains in her chest as she felt the draught pass right through her, Lynn noted that Carolanne's breath was taken away. Lynn then intrigued by this, started asking out and sensed a gentleman moving towards her from the girls end of the corridor. Lynn added that she felt he was about six feet tall and dressed in dark clothes. (There has also been a witnessed testimony to a figure of that description walking down the corridor from the same end) Lynn felt that the name Mr Sturgeon came with this energy. Lynn then moved down the corridor to outside room 18 and at 19:51 hrs, observed a distant flash of light in the corner to the right of the door. Carolanne also reacted to the same anomaly and both Lynn and Carolanne could not figure out what they had seen. They were confident that they had not seen headlights as the floor was too high to cast this within a corridor. At 20:06 hrs, Lynn noted seeing a shadow form and move towards her along the corridor and walk past where Marco was sitting between rooms 18 and 19. During the vigil, Marco sensed children playing in the corridor and one child who had a painted face, was crying because his Dad, who was called Dougie, had died in the war.

TIME: 20:15 HRS
The group gathered and for a while nothing was recorded. Chris then sensed that someone was telling him about the Emperor's New Clothes. Craig then explained what the story was about. Derek then said that he felt that the temperature in the room was dropping. Chris confirmed that he was feeling colder and getting the smell of a distillery or something like that. Derek and Chris then decided to try an experiment and Chris asked for a significant drop in temperature. Derek used the hand held thermometer and recorded a drop down to 16.0C, 16.6C, 16.2C, 17.2C, 17.4C, 18.4C, 19.8C and 20.2C. These temperatures all changed within the space of 10-15 seconds. Chris then sensed a man who liked a good drink. The temperature then rose to 21.4C and then suddenly dropped to 16.6C

TIME: 20:15 HRS
Group 2 experienced a very quiet vigil in the Cookery Room


TIME: 20:15 HRS
At 20:25 hrs, Lynn felt she wanted to sing Alouette Chante Alouette. At 20:35 hrs, Lynn's torch drained of power for about ten minutes then came back to full power again. The team then heard a squeak coming from a door outside in the corridor, but on investigation nothing could be heard. Marco sensed a male teacher called Mr Davidson (School records state that from 1906 - 1917 there was a Headmaster in the school called Mr Davidson) Marco described him as being very jolly and had a cane. Marco then noted seeing a dark shape where a person's head would have been while sitting at the desk. Marco then sensed a female teacher who was writing on the board, she knew Mr Davidson and her name was Mrs Wright. Mr Davidson also wore war medals. The group all agreed that something was present in the room. Kay then noted seeing a ball of .light in front of her going in the direction of right to left, Marco had also noted in his book that he had seen this as well.
During the break Lisa went to the toilet on the Ground Floor and kept hearing strange noises like doors slamming on the first floor. Lisa described the slamming as one after the other: bang/bang/bang/bang. The floor above was the one where the group were having their break in the staff room. None of the group reported any doors slamming closed.

TIME: 21:30 HRS
Bronach, Lisa and Marco went into the Exhibition Room while the rest of the team stayed in the Ground Floor corridor. In the exhibition Room, Lisa heard the sound of heavy breathing like a sigh but Bronach and Marco did not hear it. Bronach left the room for a few minutes and Lisa and Marco heard a loud knock which came from the corner of the room. Lisa then observed a strange flash of light near the corner where the sound had been heard. In the same room, Marco received the name Mr Gray.
The rest of the group gathered on the ground Floor where Derek and his team had previously heard the noise of footsteps from the floor above. Derek asked out for the footsteps again to be repeated and asked if Bill could ring the school bell to see if this would create a responsive condition. The bell was rung twice. After the first ring, Chris and Leanne thought they could clearly hear children giggling from the Mezz level above. The bell ringing was repeated again and Lynn asked out and Chris reported hearing footsteps again and seeing shadows moving around corners.
Lynn made a personal note of the following:
"Bridgit Kennedy aged seven with red hair and a skin condition, her hands are red raw. Heard something to my right after the bell ring. I had my back to the main entrance door. Bell rang again and Bridget is getting a prize, she can run fast. Mr Struthers will be there, prizes are pencils. Bell rings third time."
Rhoda noted hearing the snapping of fingers but was not sure as to what would have caused this.

TIME: 22:10 HRS
The group spread out and tried various spells of bell ringing and Lynn walked the corridor asking out, nothing was reported. Chris then went into the end room at the bottom of the corridor to carry out an Automatic Handwriting Experiment. Lynn went into the room to record any information.
Lynn recorded the following:
"The following I have sensed :
Chris has completed the experiment and he told me:
A man in a grey suit, waistcoat and very well dressed. He has travelled a lot by Steam Train and Ship. Very educated especially in Geography. If someone came into this room to see him it was not a good thing. Chris feels that he does not like people in this room. I have seen a cluster of lights in the room. Joan has said that she could see my face transfigure into a male's face."
Rhoda noted during the vigil that she was receiving headaches and Dave was scanning the area for readings. Most of the group did not experience anything. Marco did note seeing a shadowy movement outside the Victorian Classroom and while Derek was ringing the bell, Marco could hear footsteps following him in the corridor, also a presence was felt to Marco's left side. Marco also noted sensing a child who would not go downstairs, a child called Ciaran and a connection to Aberdeen and an animal. Marco also noted a teacher who had been in Italy and Turkey and still suffered from war wounds and a teacher who the children referred to as Mr Smelly.

TIME: 23:00 HRS
Derek asked for a circle to be formed with the following sitters:
Derek asked Lynn to open the circle.
Bill Green scribed.
Dave Alderton scanned the room for anomalies.
Lisa: Man who is very angry about group being here.
Lisa: He is saying Get Out, Get Out.
Marco: He is shouting a lot and has a blue overcoat.
Marco: His name is Rodger.
Marco and Lisa: We don't think he is a teacher.
Marco: He is a Janitor
Marco: The children tease him behind his back. He is not a bad man.
Kay feels fingers on the back of her head/neck.
Marco: He was in here after the War.
Lisa: 1950's
There was a serious incident in here with a teacher called Moon.
Marco: Janitor says he was a fool. He was here to early 1960's.
Lynn: I feel that there was a flooding.
Kay: I feel a tear rolling down my cheek
Derek has now asked if there were any children from the 1970's who could come forward and communicate with the circle.
Lynn: I have names Mary Carmichael and Catherine Campbell who climbed railings when leaving school.
As Derek asked the question again, Chris thought he saw someone peep through the glass of the door into the room. The corridor is checked by Dave Alderton and on one is there.
Marco: McKenzie
Lynn has asked for more children to come forward.
Lynn: I have a cold draught on my left wrist.
No further communication came forward and Derek asked Lynn to close the circle at 23:27 hrs. As circles closes, Lynn cannot feel her hand and Marco feels a little girl tug on his right sleeve.
EVP Experiments
EVP Experiments were conducted by the following:
Derek Green
Dave Alderton
Derek Green did not record any anomalies on his MP3 Player from the top floor corridor.
Dave Alderton reported anomalies on his recorder and these have been detailed below in Dave`s Report.
Ghost Club Investigation notes
By Dave Alderton - Technical Team
Location: Scotland Street School Museum, Glasgow, Scotland
Date: 25/10/08
Doc Ref: 009/05/1
Arrival: 16:45hrs
Format of Investigation: 1 Baseline Data Test and survey
2 Team Investigation
Technical Team : Dave Alderton
1 Baseline Data Test and Survey : 17:45-18:30hrs (some power on) (Note – plans used from prior info supplied by Derek. Preliminary sketches of rooms and layouts completed during baseline. All following location names taken from tour information. Some power circuits were left on for safety and security reasons.
Due to time available, basic baseline carried out.
Baseline oC and EMF mG taken throughout this report by myself.
Baseline sequence and timing as follows:
1.1 Audio Visual Room 17:45
1.2 Victorian Classroom 17:55
1.3 WWII Classroom 18:00
1.4 Second Floor Corridor 18:05
1.5 Girls Stairs and Cloakroom 18:15
1.6 Cookery Room 18:20
1.7 Admin Office 18:25
1.8 Ground Floor Corridor 18:28
For General Museum layout refer to Scotland Street School floor plans.
1.1 Audio Visual Room Baseline
Upon entering the AV Room, the EMF increased – going off the lower scale and settling about 2mG. This remained constant throughout the night. The pickup was likely due to the AV equipment within the room but without details of the equipment, an item listing and electrical/wiring layout the actual source could not be confirmed but not unexplainable. The area of high EMF is depicted by the orange area in the basic layout below. More details would be required to fully assess the circuits contributing to EMF in that area.
Temperature at baseline remained a steady 17oC with fluctuations of up to 0.5oC in the corner opposite the door. As expected.

1.2 Victorian Classroom

EMF profile for room – negligible and as expected. Temperature a constant 17oC +/- 0.2oC.
One point of note – the door opens inwards and when allowed to close will latch in after a slow close. This causes a slight delay and will suddenly click when away from the door. This could be misconstrued as unexplainable activity to some museum visitors. The room is dark and atmospheric and this, combined with a delayed closing door could cause over active imaginations to fire.
1.3 WWII Classroom
EMF profile for room – negligible and as expected. Temperature a constant 17oC +/- 0.2oC.

Note – a storm had whipped up outside, high winds could be heard. This would be noted to check against possible related occurrences.
1.4 Second Floor Corridor
EMF mG profile as expected with EMF sources present - negligible. Temperature range 16-17oC, with more fluctuations near stairway doors as could be expected.
1.5 Girls Stairs and Cloakroom
EMF scan of the Girls Cloakroom revealed no contributable EMF sources. Temperature ranged 16-17oC with lower temperatures near the large windows on the stairway.
NOTE – when inside the Girls Cloakroom out of the corner of my eye I could have sworn I saw a black cat pass by outside the door.This was purely an optical illusion created by the lights through the windows and shadows cast up with movement when cars passing. Would be interesting to find out if this was a common reported sighting.
The movement of the ‘shadow’ is shown on the basic layout below.

1.6 Cookery Room

The Cookery Room is a large room with seven large windows letting light in from outside. The light passes through glass etched with photographs of childrens faces.
EMF survey – negligible and as expected with sources present. Temperature – an approx. 17oC with little fluctuation.
1.7 Admin Office
Temperature range 16 - 17.5oC, with 16oC closest to door. All EMF results correspond with contributions from EMF sources present.
1.8 Ground Floor Corridor
Temperature range 16 - 17.5oC, with 16oC closest to stairway. All EMF results correspond with contributions from EMF sources present.
2 Team Investigation

Vigil 1 Ground Floor (18:30-19:00)18:30 EMF and temperature survey – no reportable change to baseline.
18:32 Requests by Marco and Lynne – no change to temperature or EMF.
18:35 Near toilets opposite Cafe – erratic EMF – three pulses of 0.4mG each then nothing.
Lynne claimed to feel hot – I felt Lynne’s brow, it was clammy.
18:40 EMF and temperature survey – no reportable change to baseline.
18:45 Opportunity to check Audio-Visual Room. EMF and temperature as baseline.
18:55 Exhibition Gallery Room – sounds like shuffles or footsteps coming from the corner of
the room on the floor above (first floor exhibition gallery). I went upstairs to
investigation, climbing the stairs at approx. 18:57. The gallery room was empty. I
walked to the corner of the room – no EMF result and temperature as rest. I stamped
three times and walked back downstairs at approx. 18:59. Upon arriving downstairs
Bronach told me that she had heard sounds as I left the room. I had heard nothing
while up there.Vigil 2 Girls Stairs (19:00-19:40)19:00 EMF and temperature survey – no reportable change to baseline
19:14 High pitched whistles heard x4. Possibly outside. Source unidentified.
19:16 Two more high pitched whistles heard. Source unidentified.
19:19 Heard a mans voice shouting hello x2. Went to investigate – Derek was coming up
into the corridor. He had been shouting.
19:24 EMF and temperature survey – no reportable change to baseline
19:30 Held five minutes silence outside the ladies toilet on the girls stairs. Nothing to report.NOTE - Audio and Video recording devices placed on first floor corridor. Upon reviewing the footage nothing visual or audible to report.
Vigil 3 Second Floor Corridor (19:40-20:15)

19:41 EMF and temperature survey – no reportable change to baseline.
19:44 Asked to investigate draft – temperature 16.2oC a 0.3oC decrease from baseline but
possible due to the cooler temperatures.
19:50 EMF and temperature survey – no reportable change to baseline.NOTE – once again the external lights opposite the girls stairs could play tricks/cast shadows and be misinterpreted.
20:06 Requested by Lynne to carry out an EMF check. Two EMF spikes of approx. 0.6mG
recorded near the number 3 on the floor painted hopskotch near the girls end. EMF
results not repeatable.
Vigil 4 Victorian Classroom (20:15-20:45)20:16 EMF and temperature survey – no reportable change to baseline.
20:20 EVP experiment begun.
20:25 Slight temp drop to 16.1oC but explainable with cooling temperature.
20:27 Investigated lights and knocks – nothing to report.
20:40 EMF and temperature survey – no reportable change to baseline.

BREAK CALLED 20:45 – 21:35
Vigil 5 Ground Floor Corridor (21:35-22:05)Full group in attendance.
Video and Audio recording devices placed on First Floor Corridor.
21:35 EMF and temperature survey – no reportable change to baseline.
21:39 EMF pulses at hopskotch at girls end. Lasted several seconds then gone.
21:45 Sat on stairs – boys cloakroom leading to first floor corridor. Higher EMF than
baseline – 0.3mG and then readings zero. Derek rang bell.
22:00 EMF and temperature survey – no reportable change to baseline.Vigil 6 Second Floor Corridor (22:05-22:55)All inside classrooms – myself, Derek and Marco in the corridor.22:05 EMF and temperature survey – no reportable change to baseline.
22:14 EMF reading at hopskotch near girls end – 0.5mG erratic, lasted 30 seconds.
22:16 Heard a ‘clang’ which sounded like metal hitting a pipe or something. Investigated
corridor, unable to ascertain source.
22:20 EMF and temperature survey – no reportable change to baseline.
22:22 Near girls hopskotch number ‘6’ – 0.7/0.8mG spike lasting 20 seconds then nothing.
22:30 EMF and temperature survey – no reportable change to baseline.
22:38 Spurious EMF pulses, non static, near girls end of corridor – 0.7mG. Lasted 20
Vigil 7 Victorian Classroom (22:55-23:25)Circle held.
22:58 EMF and temperature survey – no reportable change to baseline. Temperatures
cooling to 15oC.
23:00 Investigated requests during sitting. Nothing to report.
23:25 Circle closed and investigation ended.
Vigil 5 & 6 Audio and Video Recording Analysis
During Vigil 5 and 6, video and audio recording devices were placed on First Floor Corridor. All investigators were on the ground floor. The following recording sequence has been analysed and enclosed.
Baseline start 21:35.
00:00:00 Start.
00:11:15 Echoed muffled voice – may be Lynnes voice distorted
00:17:12 Four mins after first bell experiment can hear muffled voice for 5 seconds
(likely Lynne speaking)
00:17:52 Five seconds after second bell ring there are two footsteps in corridor,
sounding close to the recorders. Video picks up sound also.
00:18:18 High pitched noise recorded. No visual.
00:23:20 A muffled voice is picked up followed by the sound of a dripping tap – two
00:25:08 Single bell ring picked up on both recorders, more distant than previous trials.
00:25:37 Camera flash picked up from video camera, shining into corridor. That was myself while sitting on the boys cloakroom stairs.

00:27:03 Both recorders pick up sounds like movement on a squeaky floor – or a bird chirping!
00:33:01 Sound picked up like a door opening.
00:34:22 A footfall is picked up.
00:39:05 Myself and Joan come into corridor – end of downstairs vigil.
00:42:40 Reset camera and sound recorder for Vigil 6.Vigil 6 Second Floor Corridor00:45:11 Footsteps, sounds like high heels
00:47:37 A knock is picked up
00:48:53 A knock or a single footstep is recorded.
00:50:47 Four seconds of very loud footsteps in corridor – no visual but definite
audible on both devices.
00:51:39 Knock or a footstep.
00:53:17 Single bell ring – possibly experiment
00:54:00 – 00:54:22 Bell ring experiment.
00:55:54 Single footstep.
00:57:50 Sounds like a door closing. No visual.
00:58:32 Single footstep picked up audibly.
00:59:07 A Clear, loud, single footstep sound picked up in corridor.
01:02:17 Loud footsteps – no visual.
01:03:23 Single footstep – sounds like a high heel
01:07:00 Sound like a door closing.
01:11:41 Door closing sound followed by a flat footed footstep.
01:12:54 Door opening sound or door being latched shut.
01:14:47 Sound picked up – light footstep
01:15:16 As above
01:16:43 Flashes at end of corridor. Could be camera flash from above.
01:22:43 Single footstep.
01:26:07 Three seconds of 2 loud high heeled footsteps
01:26:28 Footstep or a knock
:26:42 Ten seconds of heeled or booted footsteps in corridor – no visual.
01:26:58 Torch or headlight shining down wall at far end of corridor.
01:27:41 Footstep or a knock
01:27:50 Four seconds of booted footsteps.
01:29:00 Vigil 6 ends.
01:32:40 Tape ends.

The majority of EMF readings were as expected from typical power/lighting sources. During the Second Floor vigils, spurious EMF readings were encountered on a number of occasions near the floor painted hopskotch. I asked if anyone had mobile phones/similar equipment but those present said not.

The museum itself is fairly atmospheric and with the right lighting, combined with mannequins of children and adults it is no surprise that sightings are witnessed or sounds are heard. I had a typical ‘corner of the eye’ sighting when I was checking the Girls Cloakroom. The lights through the windows cast moving shadows as cars drove past and I could have sworn I saw a black cat. I know it was an illusion but how many similar reports could occur?
The video and audio recordings picked up a number of booted/heeled footsteps – more so during the second floor vigil. Could the sounds be echoed from the investigators walking above?

All in all it was an enjoyable investigation.

Joan Green noted some points of interest from the investigation. These included names of pupils and staff. Possible locations of certain rooms etc and information about Charles Rennie MacIntosh.


Was there ever during World War 2 an area in the school set out as a blood transfusion centre.
Was there an incident in the 1960's which brought about a resignation of a member of staff. Possibly the name Moon being involved.
Check out the year 1905-1906 to see if there is any controversy about Liverpool being evident in connection with Charles Rennie McIntosh the School Architect.

Mr Davidson:- Did he wear medals. Was he injured in any way eg eyes, stick etc.
In 1921:- Were the names Struthers and Collins significant. (any injuries)
In the 1930's , the names, Sturgeon, Ellis, Robert Gillies and females, Wright. (any injuries)
In 1960 was there a member of staff called Moon and was there a record of an incident which may have led to a resignation.

1920's (1921) Thomas Hamilton or Peacock and Elsi Hamilton or Peacock.
1950's Bridgit Kennedy and a prize for running possibly presented by a Mr Struthers.
1970's A Mary Carmichael, Catherine Campbell, climbed railings ( anything to do with a fatal
accident outside school?)
A pupil with the name of Rehbecca, this is unusual spelling.
The name Henry or Harry Gunn (pupil/teacher)
The name of Monica Stirling could be a pupil but might be a teacher.
N.B. Was there areas of the school with tiled Floors see about checking the School Plans.


> No reference at present could be found to a Blood Transfusion area in the school.
> No reference at present could be found as to the location of the School Medical Room.
> There is evidence of an entry in the Mitchell Library that Charles Rennie MacIntosh did enter the Liverpool Cathedral Competition dated in 1903. The competition was to submit designs for Liverpool Cathedral. MacIntosh did not win and it was won by Giles Gilburt Scott. This was during the high point of MacIntosh's professional career, could he have been annoyed about this and had his feelings carried on during the building of Scotland Street School. If this was correct it could have a connection to Marco Piva's communication about Liverpool in vigil one, Group 3.

> Marco sensed the name Mr Davidson during Vigil 4, Group 3. There is evidence in the School records that a Mr Wm H Davidson was Headmaster from 14 September 1906 to 19 June 1917. We do not know his age and we do not know if he fought in the services before the First World War.
> Lisa sensed the name Robert Gillies during Vigil one, Group 2. There is evidence of a Head Master at Scotland Street from 23 March 1956 called R. G. Gillies. We do not have a leaving date for him and we do not have his first name.
> During the circle in Vigil 7, Lynn said she was receiving the name Mary Carmichael. There is evidence in the school records up to the 1950`s of one pupil being there called Mary Carmichael. She left in 1940.

Firstly on behalf of The Ghost Club Council, myself and the investigation team, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to John Bulloch Museum Officer, Emma Gascoigne and the staff of Scotland Street School Museum for all their courtesy and assistance to The Ghost Club. I would also like to offer my thanks to Catherine MacLean, the Senior management of Scotland Street School and Culture and Sport Glasgow for making this investigation possible for members of The Ghost Club.

Again the Scotland Street School Museum investigation for the Ghost Club proved a fairly interesting night. There are a few points which I would like to comment on.
21:- Was the names

First, prior to the investigation Craig McDonald witnessed what he believed to be a black shadow come out of the Audio Visual Room and start to glide down the corridor of the Ground Floor. Craig witnessed this while standing up on the Mezzanine Level which overlooks the AV Room. As he was looking down he witnessed the alleged apparition. Craig could not give a full description as to what he sighted but it was enough to confirm that a dark shadow of similar description has been witnessed by staff on a few occasions. This apparition has been seen coming out of the AV Room and on one instance the dark shadow walked through a member of staff. Therefore I can only confirm that Craig witnessed a recorded sighting in the building which I have on private file. Craig did not know any history of the building or of the alleged apparitions that are said to haunt some of the locations within the school building.
The shadow seen under the door of the toilets is also of great interest. We all know that if we are in a room and someone comes up to the door, it will, on the outside, cast a very definite shadow and you know someone is outside. This sighting by myself and Craig was exactly that. We both were convinced that someone was in the toilet and standing behind the door. When we quickly entered the toilet, there was nobody there and no one in any of the cubicles as the doors were all open. In the report I have stated that there was only one door in a
nd out of the toilet and we are totally baffled by what we witnessed and cannot give a rational explanation.

The footsteps witnessed by Group 1 on the Ground floor are of particular interest. These sounds came from the first floor corridor and for a while now the sounds of footsteps have been witnessed by members of staff and always coming from the floor above. When staff investigated the sounds they would find them coming from within a locked room. During the Ghost Club investigation the Group heard a full set of footsteps walk along the above corridor. Derek and Dave checked the corridor and there was nobody in the area. These footsteps were fairly loud and were described as being fairly paced and measured and did not speed up or down. Dave Alderton also picked up similar sounds in his recordings which he has described in his own personal report prior to this summing up. We can confirm that all the teams were in their correct locations and the SSSM staff were also with the groups. The sounds of the phantom footfalls remain a complete mystery and I can only say that the team may have witnessed auditory phenomena.

With reference to Dave Alderton's Summary it is true that there are a number of Mannequins in the building. However, it is fair to say that in the instances of recorded sightings, they do not appear to be in areas where Mannequins are placed. As far as I am aware the sightings reported have been made during the day. Shadowy impressions can be a trick of the eye but during the daytime one would expect this phenomenon to be somewhat reduced, differing from night time conditions which would create an entirely different senario. The Museum is not open at night.

I would like to close this report by saying that the teams had an interesting night and that there were some other noises which seemed to be difficult to replicate and the once again the dog barking was heard on the second floor. Was it possible that the Janitor had a dog? I will be doing a lot of research into Scotland Street School in Glasgow's Mitchell Library shortly. I do hope that through this research, we discover corroboration of many of the names which were sensed on the night of the investigation.

To summarise, I feel that Scotland Street School Museum is still prone to what we could call sporadic activity. If the time and conditions are correct, there may just be spells where activity may be witnessed by either staff or the general public. There certainly are a number of testimonies from Eric Dobson who worked in the museum for a number of years. What he testified to as being activity in the building, bears significant similarity in what members of the Ghost Club have experienced between the two investigations that have been conducted in Scotland Street School. Also over the years, the General Public have testified to children's voices which also on the surface seem to have been similarly picked up in some way by the Ghost Club.

A interesting night and once again I offer my sincere thanks to the Staff of Scotland Street School Museum and Culture and Sport Glasgow for making this investigation possible for members of The Ghost Club.

Derek Green
Area Investigation Co-ordinator (Scotland)
Friday 2nd January 2009

© The Ghost Club 2009