Derek Green (Co-ordinator)
Chris De Rosa
Bill Green
Craig McDonald
Fiona Bisset
Stephanie MacDonald

Joan Green (Team Leader)
Lisa Bowell
Rhoda Carr
Frank Carr
Marco Piva

Colin Flynn
Soraya Badar
Bronach McElhone
Leanne Cofax
Carolanne Douglas

Staff in Attendance: Alison Fraser - Senior Assistant.
: John Guyan - NTS Guide.

Laser Thermometer.
Thermometer Sensors.
EMF Meters
MP3 Players
Dowsing Rods
Battery Data Logger

Vigil Time Location Time Allocation Group Number
1 17:00 - 17:30 hrs Great Hall 30 Minutes 2
Solar Room 30 Minutes 1
Ground Floor 30 Minutes 3
2 17:35 - 18:05 hrs Great Hall 30 Minutes 1
Solar Room 30 Minutes 3
Ground Floor 30 Minutes 2
3 18:10 - 18:40 hrs Charter Room 30 Minutes 3
Solar Room 30 Minutes 2
Ground Floor 30 Minutes 1
4 18:45 - 19:15 hrs Turnpike Stair 30 Minutes ALL
19:15 - 19:55 hrs BREAK 40 Minutes
5 20:00 - 20:30 hrs Solar Room 30 Minutes ALLFIRST 15 MINUTES OF VIGIL SILENT PERIOD
6 20:35 - 21:05 hrs Great Hall 30 Minutes 2
Solar Room 30 Minutes 1
Turnpike Stair 30 Minutes 3
7 21:10 - 21:40 hrs Great Hall 30 Minutes 3
Solar Room 30 Minutes 2
Turnpike Stair 30 Minutes 1

8 21:45 - 22:15 hrs Charter Room 30 Minutes ALL
9 22:20 - 22:50 hrs To Be Decided 30 Minutes

Temperature Monitors will be placed in the following locations:
Beam Barriers will be placed in the following location:
No Trigger Objects
"Dating from the 1300s, this fine medieval tower house is one of the largest, best designed and constructed of its type in Scotland. (Completed by 1497, with later alterations). Of special interest are the original oak roof beams, medieval groin vaulting, a pit dungeon and the original internal well.

It was the home of a distinguished Scottish family,from the 15th century until c1800. By the late 17th century a mansion house and other buildings had been added which made more changes, both modernising yet preserving the tower and mansion to complement an ambitious and extensive planned landscape around this home and stretching down to the River Forth. It was at this time the domed Italianate staircase leading to the Great Hall was added.
The interior is splendid and there is a fine collection of family portraits and memorabilia on display


Alleged phenomena centres on different floors of the building, there have been regular sightings of an apparition on the first floor and an apparition has been witnessed on the turnpike stair. Members of staff and guests have also had the feelings of being touched or followed. Sensitives have claimed to sense different atmospheres in the building.

The following information has been taken from the notes of the investigators present and where possible notes have been copied verbatim and listed by location.

Prior to the investigation, the following investigators noted their own feelings/observations:
16:17 hrs, Great Hall - The wooden crib feels creepy (I don't want to go near).
16:20 hrs, Charter Room - The wooden chair across the room from the front door has something.
16:22 hrs, Solar Room - I have a feeling of a ceiling half way up walls. I have a feeling it was wooden and was where the room walls curve. (This can be corroborated, Marco did not know anything about this.)
16:28 hrs, Great Hall - Heading towards the down staircase to Ground Floor. I have a feeling that someone is behind me but no one is there.

Before the start of the investigation as Derek and I went to set up. At the door to the turnpike stair while still in Great Hall. Derek saw movement by door. At the same time I was thinking that I had heard the sound of a door closing from the opening leading to the stair. While climbing the stair I was sure I had heard movement above me and as I approached the Charter room, I was feeling as though someone was climbing up the stairs behind me.

16:30 hrs, Solar Room - In Solar Room I felt a bit dizzy and a slight headache. I also felt a cold breeze for a few seconds.
Great Hall - I was drawn to where the cot is and in the corner of the room I thought I saw a shadow.

During the walkabout at the start, whilst in the Great Hall I was receiving the name Jocelyn. I felt as if it was almost being shouted at me. Whilst coming back down the stair, I sensed a young girl and a boy. As I got closer the young boy jumped out and stood at the entrance to the Charter Room. I did not like the atmosphere in the well, I can't explain why as it wasn't because it was small and enclosed. I just felt very unhappy in there.

TIME: 17:10 HRS
The group settled in the room and Stephanie felt a pressure in her head and sensed the name Wordsworth. Stephanie noted a feeling of immense pressure building up in the room as if something was going to fall down from the ceiling. This was starting to give Stephanie a bad headache. Stephanie then noted in her book that she felt that Royalty had stayed at Alloa Tower. She was sensing that Mary, Queen of Scots had been there and she was also sensing the name James but she was not sure as to which one. Derek started asking out for communication and at 17:22 hrs, Craig started taking photographs and noticed in a few shots what appeared to be a strange mist which was nearly half way up the wall. Derek then sensed the name Henrietta and a year 1463. Chris became aware of three spirits: one male, one female and one child. The first male, Chris described like a foot soldier and stated that he was quite aggressive and didn't want the group there. Chris added that a negative energy could eminate from this male. The male was grounded but Chris sensed that he would have frequented the upper part of the Solar Room. Chris sensed him standing at the garderobe. The female Chris explained, may have been involved in the running of the household in the roll of a senior person (1614) and definitely involved with the building.

At 17:25 hrs, Stephanie received the name Claremont and started to feel the presence of a man. She noted that the man was older and about 45-50 years old. He was dressed in black and was very stern looking with black hair and a bushy beard. Stephanie then sensed that important discussions had taken place in the room and that the man was part of it and that plotting may have went on.

At 17:26 hrs, Craig personally noted that he felt another floor may have been in the room. He then noticed the marks on the walls where the beams would have been. Craig was quite interested in the fact that he had sensed this before actually studying the walls. (Second person to sense higher floor).

Chris then said that the child was male and aged eight or nine. Chris added the child was timid and active and would hide in the garderobe area. Chris then sensed the Victorian name Stuart and added that the soldier was very reminisant of the Italian style uniform (Vatican) or Romanish in appearance and the armour and helmet were not really Scottish Style.

At 17:29 hrs, C
raig noted a sudden drop in temperature at the left hand side of the room near the entrance to the Solar Room. Derek then sensed a feeling of anger in the room and added that he was receiving a communication from the Earl of Crawford. Derek explained that the Earl had been summoned there and that he was very angry and was pacing up and down waiting on someone coming to speak to him. Derek added that he felt it was to do with animals or livestock. No one was coming to speak to him and the anger and rage was building up. Derek added how dare he be summoned and no one was coming to see him, he was alone in the room and was pacing up and down. Derek then asked for him to show himself as there were people in the room. Derek described him as being broad set, a man of big build.

Stephanie sensed a big gruff angry man and others around him and she felt they were all involved in plotting of some kind. With this was a lot of anger. Chris said to Bill that he was actually feeling quite dizzy on all the floors. Derek added that the Earl came in visitation and was still very angry. Chris then commented to Bill that he could see an image behind Derek and Stephanie still noted the feeling of anger.

Derek then added that the Earl was there about 100 Deer. Bill's torch light gave up as it had drained right down. Derek then explained that there had been three deaths through this episode. Stephanie noted a feeling of betrayal and Chris then announced that he could smell sulphur. Stephanie sensed a drowning. Derek and Chris then both noted smelling sulphur and Bill also confirmed that he was smelling it as well. It was noted by the three investigators that the smell came and went in bursts. Chris added that he felt that the soldier would move around the room.

TIME: 17:10 HRS
At 17:11 hrs, Marco noted a female voice calling James three times (First normally, then raising her voice and then very panicky) Marco then sensed that the crib was not real. Lisa noted feeling very cold and Joan started working with the pendulum which seemed to confirm that the area of the crib was active.
Q) Is anyone there?
A) Yes.
Q) Is it a woman.
A) Yes.
Q) Do you belong to the house.
A) Yes
Lisa then sensed a woman in a cap square cut and appearing as in a silhoutte. Lisa then saw a shadow in the Great Hall by the picture of John - 2nd Earl of Mar, the shadow was black, but see through. The group investigated but Lisa thought that it may have been an optical illusion. The temperature was recorded at 18.7C. Lisa then made her way over to the door which led to the turnpike stair, as she got closer to the door she was startled and got a fright as she heard a sound. Lisa asked Rhoda to come over. Both Lisa and Rhoda then heard the sound of something hitting the floor. Rhoda bent down and shone her torch on the floor for the two of them to discover a stone on the floor. Rhoda did not state if the stone was hot or cold. (This is a crucial point for future investigations where they may have been alleged activity of stone thowing. It is important that the investigator must state if the stone appears hot or cold.) Rhoda then threw the stone on the floor and it made the exact same noise.

At 17:25 hrs, Marco noted seeing someone standing at the far end of the room beside the balcony and at 17:27 hrs, Joan asked if anyone was on the stairwell while using her pendulum. The pendulum seemed to indicate a yes as the motion of the pendulum was swinging back and forth. Joan then asked for spirit to change the direction and it started swinging clockwise. Joan then commented that before the investigation she felt someone come up the stair behind her. Joan then commented that she felt that there was a shadow walking up and down the hallway. Rhoda then asked Marco and Lisa to stand at either end of the hall, this would appear to have tied in with Marco's feelings earlier on that someone was moving about the Great Hall near the stairwell. At 17:32 hrs, Marco stated that as he turned his back on the crib, he could clearly feel that someone was standing right behind him.

Lisa then said that she was sensing an 18th Century young man complete with white powered wig. The man was described as being around 20-21 years, blue jacket and Lisa felt that he resembled people in the portraits. At 17:40 hrs, Marco said he was aware of an energy at the top of the stair, the energy was very busy and moving quickly in the Great Hall. Lisa and Marco then both entered the well and Lisa felt that spirit was rushing at them. Joan had a feeling of being watched. Various members of the group had the same feeling and Joan felt the atmosphere was very different to last year's visit.

TIME: 17:10 HRS
The group gathered in the Ground Floor and started asking out. Soraya sensed a man who may have been a watchman and aged in his mid 30's and by the name of Edward. Soraya sensed that he also had a problem with his right hand/arm and Soraya noted feeling that her own arm would not move, with this she also sensed that his right leg may have been shorter.
Bronach felt quite sad while standing in the same area. The group asked out and started to hear noises coming from the table, then Bronach heard a series of taps which appeared to come from under the table. this only carried on for a very short while and then the room fell silent. The group then moved to the bottom of the staircase and took photographs. A number of photographs taken by Colin and Soraya produced very large solid orbs. Soraya then noted seeing what looked like a shadowy firgure on the staircase and was sensing a male energy with this. The group decided to sit on the stairs and Colin noted feeling very cold draughts of air pass him and with this he kept thinking of the name Michael. Leanne noted feeling a change in room temperature and Soraya added that the man she sensed was wearing a long black cloak. Leanne picked up on all the same info above. Colin also noted a feeling of being watched while he sat on the 5th step.

TIME: 18:00 HRS
As the group started the vigil, Chris saw something at the high chair which resembled a shadow. Derek then asked out and Chris explained that he was being shown something different about the high chair. Stephanie said she had a feeling of foreboding covering the crib as if someone was bending over the crib and a dead child was within. Following this, Stephanie had the feeling of two large deerhounds running around the place and she also sensed Jocelyn who was very stern and not happy at the group's presence. Stephanie could sense her pacing up and down the hall (NB: Group 2 had sensed a figure pacing up and down as well) As she paced up and down she was ringing her hands and Stephanie had the sense of anger that the building had changed. Stephanie made it clear in her notes that the lady was not nasty or malevolent in any way but just fussy and annoyed. Chris then heard the sound of movement coming from the area of the high chair.
At 18:27 hrs, whilst Derek was in the well, Stephanie decided to go back in to test it still felt uneasy. The following is quoted from Stephanie's notes:

"I was very careful in my footing and was watching my steps as I made my way in. I actually looked at my foot and shone my torch on it as I took my first step in the well entrance. When suddenly I found myself up against the well wall with my two hands flat against the wall. Derek spun round at the commotion I was making. The reason being, I was pushed. The last thing I recall was looking at my foot with the torch and suddenly I went flying towards the wall with my two hands outstretched. I hadn't even taken a step. It was a very forceful push and I just couldn't believe what had just happened, hence the noise I made!.. There was no one behind me at the time and no one except Derek and I near the well."

Chris then sensed a child that resembled Little Lord Fauntelroy in the area and as Chris said this, he felt his hand being touched while it was down by his side. Chris again felt that the crib and high chair did not go together and he sensed a Royal connection ( he did not know this) Chris then sensed that this little boy was hunting and holding an arrow and the word "King". Chris then stated that Mary, Queen of Scots had visited and that she was in her childhood years. (Please see additional notes for explanation).

Derek and Chris both sensed a different atmosphere from the last visit and in general Chris sensed that the atmosphere and the whole scenario of the young boy was King James. Chris also commented that he felt the crib has been heard to move by people at different times. Chris then reported hearing the floorboards squeak. Stephanie again commented that she felt two children had been in the crib but one was dead. Other feelings were that the dead child was not recognised and that it was kept very quiet. Chris then stated that he had seen the high chair rock by itself and none of the group were nearby. The group then tested the floorboards for movement and from where they were all standing could not make the high chair move. The group then stood back and Chris asked out for spirit to rock the high chair again on request. Craig and Chris witnessed the chair rocking and everybody was standing still.

TIME: 18:00 HRS
17.46 The Group gathered round the opening in the floor to the dungeon. Joan asked for spirit to show presence by moving the pendulum. As it started to swing, Lisa picked up a male figure who seemed to be wearing a blue top and she was getting a name something like Mac - Macelvey (this is a phonetic spelling). He was a gamekeeper from the 18th Century. Joan asked Spirit to show themselves and at this point Joan saw a grey mist moving below from left going upwards out of sight in the area below. (There is a skeleton lying on the ground for effect but this mist was in a different area). Lisa sensed an incident involving a pheasant, indeed two pheasants. He was taking them home and it looked like he was poaching. 5.50 Joan was getting a change of energy as though there was a doubt about something. (Was he accused of something he didn' t do?) Lisa sensed that something he was doing with birds wasn't right. Joan feels he didn't think it was a crime. Joan asks for confirmation of this feeling of doubt and will spirit please show themselves - no is the answer. Lisa now picks up on a spirit teenager about 17 years of age and Marco comes in at this point as he is picking up a man with ginger hair. Joan asks spirit to speak to Lisa and at this point Joan sees a dark shadow move below from left to right. (This was a different sighting from the mist earlier, a definite shadow.) Lisa picks up something to do with sheep stealing and a feeling of agitation and someone saying no- no- over and over again. There is an impression of a small farm, a little fence, poor people and the holding looks like it's dug into the earth like the old Black Houses. Not many animals around and there is a young female child and it is not certain that it is connected to young teenager. Lisa feels farm was close by. Marco had the impression of the name Shane or Sean. 18.00 Joan feels a lot of energy moving around and a cold draught round her ankles and knees, others are aware of this as well. Marco now picks up a male presence, someone important with authority and Marco hears him saying 'this is nonsense'. This man has white hair, has an important position and he is very annoyed with us. (Perhaps he feels we should not be there and have no right to ask any questions.) As Marco is talking about the gentleman's annoyance, Joan feels something touch her head and for a moment feels as though something is crawling through her hair. Through the pendulum Joan asks :-

Does spirit belong to building - no.
Was he an Overseer? - no.
Magistrate? - no.
Did you carry out judgement? - yes.
Are you annoyed that we are here? - He is definitely not pleased with us, not pleased that we are here. He is asked for details of himself or a name, there is no reply. Lisa then sensed a dark figure and hears the name Marco being repeated again and again. Lisa feels as though a Spirit is playing games. Marco says this man is saying he has not time to play. Joan feels as though he is backing off and at the same time sees the dark shadow move below again. Lisa feels this dark figure is not a very good person. Joan has a feeling of someone bad tempered and imperious. Marco feels cold air hitting his face, Joan also feels this along with a feeling of the air settling and a final woosh as it leaves. Vigil ended 18.10.

TIME: 18:00 HRS
In the Solar Room, Soraya had sensed that there should have been a table in the middle of the room. The group then all could smell a strange body odour stench. At 18:02 hrs, Colin and Soraya both could sense children, a lttle girl and boy. Soraya also sensed a man and woman and then saw what looked like a young girl dressed in red with the name of Grace.
At 18:05 hrs, Colin sensed a few people in the room and Soraya heard footsteps travel along the open space above their heads. (There was an additional floor here and Soraya did not know this.) Soraya then asked Grace if she could tell her what happened in the Tower and following this she started to smell burning. (This was also a documented happening at the Tower.) There was also a smell of cheese at the end of the room and there was a feeling that the children were playing Hide and Seek.

Bronach then noted hearing footsteps and following this was the name Elizabeth or Isabella. At 18:15 hrs, the group asked out and there was the sound of a shuffle or rustle coming from the corner of the room. This happened twice and Leanne kept thinking of the song "Ring a ring a roses". The group continued to hear noises and after the vigil Colin reported that his batteries had died upon leaving the room.

TIME: 18:25 HRS
Derek asked out for communication over the dungeon area and during this time Stephanie had sensed a youngish man aged about 20 yrs old and who was sitting on the 4th step from the bottom and then leaning against the wall. Craig went up the stair with the EMF meter and Derek started taking photographs at the bottom of the stair. At 18:28 hrs, between the Ground floor and the Great Hall and in darkness, Derek's camera flashed and Craig, while taking EMF readings, saw what looked like a shadow leaning over the crib by the window. Craig described the shadow as an adult, female and that it was more in the form of a silhoutte than a solid being.
Stephanie then described a young man in bright colours and wearing what looked like a cloak. Stephanie then added that she was sensing two dogs which looked like Deer Hounds. The dogs were running up and down the hall and with this Stephanie sensed the name Edward George, with this also came the sense of laughter and a voice claiming " That is not a real dungeon."
Chris and Stephanie both sensed religious connections in the building. Chris sensed that a Cardinal had visited the property and Stephanie was sensing the ground floor being used as a chapel. Please see additional notes at end. At 18:40 hrs, 2 knocks were heard seemingly from the main hall but in two different locations. At 18:43 hrs, a screech sound was heard in the Great hall and a rattling after it. Chris then alerted the team by saying that he had seen an orb with the naked eye down through the hole in the dungeon. Chris added that he could sense a presence around the dungeon hole and from the area. At 1900 hrs, both Derek and Chris saw a possible figure - description below:-

Derek: Head and Shoulders and body moving in direction of high Chair.
Chris: Of female appearance, solid and thought it was one of the other group, but it wasn't.

TIME: 18:25 HRS
During the vigil, Lisa Bowell noted hearing footsteps that appeared to come from a room above their heads. (These sounds were were also recorded as being heard by Soraya Badar in an earlier vigil.
Joan started asking out and then tried a knock and rap experiment. Marco noted that he was picking up a smell of bad food or over cooked meat. Marco also noted in his book that he too could hear footfalls in the open space above him. (This was the third person to hear these in the course of the investigation) Marco then noted that he was feeling nervous and felt that something was going to happen. Lisa agreed and felt that something was going to happen but neither were sure what was going to take place. The time was 18:30 hrs and the temperature was 9.4C
Just after 18:30 hrs, all the group heard a sound which was described as being likened to the door handle being turned to open the door. The group heard the squeak and waited on the door opening but nobody came in. Some of the group then went and tested the door and the handle. They tested various methods and deduced at the end that they had all heard the handle of the door turn, although the door did not open. The group also deduced that when the handle turned there was an audible squeak, this is what had been heard earlier.
Marco then thought that Frank was standing in the right hand alcove as he could see an outline only to discover that Frank was standing behind him.

TIME: 18:25 HRS
At 18:25 hrs, the temperature read 12.1C. In the room Soraya sensed that women were not welcome here as it would have been used as a men's room. Bronach then sensed that the room in later years may have been used for the purpose of a storeage room. Colin then noted hearing footsteps above his head coming from the stone ceiling. It was then decided that Colin would try an Automatic Handwriting experiment. It was also sensed that there may have been Ballroom Dancing at one time practised in the room. While Colin was doing the experiment he kept sensing the words "I want to dance to beautiful music."
Some members of the group then felt that the room may at one time have been used for raucious parties. The group then decided to ask questions about the nature of the parties. While questions were being asked Soraya's camera fell over on the table. The camera had been positioned upright and fell over of its own accord after a question was asked. Soraya was not near the table at the time.

TIME: 19:10 HRS
The vigil opened with Stephanie sensing a girl aged around ten, shoulder length brown/blonde curly hair. Stephanie was sensing either the name Anna Marie or Anna connected to the child. Stephanie then kept thinking of a small sized ball bouncing
down the stair. Stephanie also felt that the girl kept talking. Derek then decided to start calling out to spirit for them to come forward and Lisa started sensing a chap coming up the stair, about fifty years of age with red/greying hair, cut short and a grey beard. Lisa also sensed that he was wearing a long chain mail type jacket.
Marco noted a small light on his right while he sat looking downstairs. Lisa was again talking about the man she was sensing and Marco was receiving the name Robert. Marco also felt that he was like the Earl of Mar in the painting on the Ground Floor. Chris then said that he was starting to hear music, this too had been heard earlier on by Soraya Badar. There was a housing scheme about 200 feet away from the Tower.

Marco then sensed that a ring had fallen down the stair and it was important to find it and that people had been looking for it. Marco then sensed a voice calling Mother Mary and a child answering back with "Mama, Mama." The group then heard a noise on the stair and Craig checked the Solar Room. As he entered the room, Craig had the feeling of being watched from the rafters and an unwelcome feeling. At 19:30 hrs, Derek and Stephanie both heard a bang coming from further up the stair. They both investigated the sound and there was no evidence of what had caused the banging sound. Derek tried rattling the door to see if he could re-make the sound. Between Derek and Stephanie, they could not decide what had caused this sound.

Stephanie then noted hearing what sounded like a child although Stephanie was not sure if it had come from one of the team. The group decided to end the vigil and have a break. As the team made their way down stairs, Group one was last to leave the turnpike stair, when Chris commented to Derek that he thought he had heard a female voice call out at the top of the stair. Derek and his group decided to stay behind and investigate.

The group went up the stair to the top of the Tower. While standing here and asking out both Derek and Chris were aware of a dark shadowy shape standing at the very top of the stair. While they were standing there they heard a laugh coming from the area. They did not want to shine their torches as they were not totally sure what they were looking at, but were aware of something which looked of solid appearance.

Stephanie was sitting on the stair beside Craig and Chris was near the top of the stair beside Derek and Bill. While the group were all together, Derek started asking out and what followed was the sound of a door handle being turned and following that was the noise of the door slamming shut. With this sound the group jumped slightly but Stephanie and Craig then both investigated, making their way down stairs to where they guessed the noise had come from. This led them to the Solar Room where they both checked the room and found it to be completely empty. Derek, Chris and Bill also came down to the room and they all entered after hearing a further noise come from inside the room. Craig and Stephanie both examined the door in question and tried to make the noise they had originally heard. They let the door close on its own with a bit of force and it sounded like the same noise the group had originally heard with the only difference being that there had been an extra noise of the handle being turned and shoogled about. This noise was replicated by physically turning and shaking the handle itself.

The door was then left open again and Chris asked out for spirit to see if they could make their presence known again and if the door closing was their doing. Chris then asked if they could do it again. No sooner had Chris completed the last sentence and the door suddenly slammed shut again. Derek did state that it had been a bit windy outside but there was not any draughts in the room that could have caused the door to slam shut. What was noted was that there was a squeak off the door handle which the group agreed could only be replicated when physically turned. As Craig shone his torch in the room, Derek saw a figure cross the room with a crown on its head. It was not one of the team. The group started asking out again and Chris clearly saw a face at the side of the door, quite low down as if it was a child.

Stephanie then sat down beside Craig and they both discussed the recent event. Craig asked Stephanie what she thought about the room, Stephanie stated that she did not like it. She added that she kept thinking that something was falling from the ceiling and sensed that important discussions were held there. Stephanie also felt that plotting of some kind had went on and Craig commented that he felt as if he was being watched and that it was making him uncomfortable.
Five minutes later, Chris said that he felt "All eyes were on us," as if they were being watched. Craig and Stephanie then looked at each other in surprise and told the rest of the group about their discussion. Just before the Group left the room a knocking sound was heard.


TIME: 20:40 HRS
The full investigation team gathered in the Solar Room and Derek asked out then Joan asked out. Craig took the door off the latch and Lisa commented that she felt that too many were in the room and spirit were staying away. Stephanie agreed and Lisa asked if one group could maybe go elsewhere.
It was agreed and the groups split into two groups.

Joan then asked a circle to be formed with the following members:
Colin Flynn
Soraya Badar
Lisa Bowell
Leanne Cofax
Marco Piva
Joan Green

Frank Carr checked the door and it was ajar. The following was scribed by Rhoda Carr.

> Joan asks out for a sign.
> A noise is heard from the area of the door.
> The hinge on the door is creaking, but the door never opened. Group one has entered the room as they have heard a noise on the stair.
> Joan asks out and Lisa sees someone at Marco's shoulder.
> Lisa says that room is full of people.
> Joan feels a breeze on her face.
> Lisa sees a face with piercing eyes, thin face, beard and moustache.
> Lisa says a man has floated up and back down.
> Lisa says he has bags and has dark circles under eyes.
> Joan feels her hands cold.
> Marco senses a child next to Soraya, she is possibly kneeling.
> Joan is asking out.
> Lisa has lost her contact.
> Soraya feels a draught on her right arm.
> Marco says it is a child.
> Soraya feels it is a girl with blond shoulder length hair tugging at her arm.
> Marco senses it could a boy with blond hair, blue eyes, dressed in red.
> A message then came through for Marco, Lisa passed the private message onto him.
> Marco sensed a child and feels that the child is curious about Rhoda's light.
> Soraya senses that the child is drawn to a pink bag with a badge on it.
> Soraya saw a red light behind Marco.

> Lisa sees more faces over Marco's right shoulder, a woman in a yashmak then fades to man with a beard.
> Marco's left ear is hot.
> Marco then rec
eives another personal message.

Group 1 headed for the stair after splitting from Groups 2 & 3. just before the Group moved, Craig noted seeing the shape of a person materialise in the doorway, but in the darkness he could not tell the sex.
Derek, Bill, Craig, Stephanie and Chris moved onto the stair and Derek asked out for communication. At 21:05hrs, the sound of a heavy chain being rattled was heard by the team on the stair. Craig and Stephanie investigated made their way down to the door of the Solar Room and entered the room. There they asked Groups 2 & 3 if anything had happened, the groups confirmed that they had also heard a noise but could not confirm as to what it sounded like. Craig and Stephanie then went down to the Charter Room and with a thorough investigation, they could not find an explanation for the noise. Craig and Stephanie did note that when they entered the Charter Room, there was a strange atmosphere.
Derek commented that he felt a change in the atmosphere and Craig stated that he felt that somebody was coming up the stair but nothing appeared to reach the team. Derek then reported feeling an icy blast as if someone was breathing heavily in his face in front of him. Derek then asked for spirit to draw energy from the group in the Solar Room and manifest for group 1 on the stair. The group then had total silence on the stair and in this silence, shuffling was heard on the stair followed by a loud clicking sound. Craig noted that the safety luminous lines on the stairs in front of him were becoming blurry as though someone was moving over them one by one and towards him. Following this, the group then heard a series of knocking sounds on the stairs. No explanation could be found for these sounds. Derek then noted that he could see what looked like a black cat move about on the stair. The group agreed that the atmosphere had changed and that there was a tension about the stair.

TIME: 21:26 HRS
Derek asked out at 21:30 hrs, Derek and Chris both saw a light in the room. It was then noted that the corner of the carpet in the room was lifted up and turned over at the corner. This had not been there five minutes earlier when the room was checked before the vigil started. The carpet was then sorted and the group asked out but not much was sensed. At 21:34 hrs, Craig flashed his torch around the room and thought he caught a glimpse of a figure sitting at the Dining Room table behind the ropes. The figure would have been to the right hand side of the window. Derek and Chris also noted seeing what looked like two faces around the chairs near the hatch.

TIME: 21:26 HRS
Lisa became aware of a presence come out the door from the Turnpike Stair and crouch down. Joan started using the pendulum, as she was doing this Joan looked up and noted that hatch in the Charter room was closed but had been open about 5 minutes earlier. Marco had also observed the hatch open. Joan left the group to go upstairs to the Charter Room to see if someone had closed the hatch. The group moved to the top of the Great Hall stair and Frank decided to take a photograph of the door leading to the Turnpike Stair, he then realised that his camera had failed. Frank then switched it off, took the batteries out and then put them back in again and tried a second time to take the picture. Again the camera failed, Frank carried out the same process a third time and the camera worked. It had only done this during that particular vigil.
Marco again had the feeling that the cradle was not real and Lisa asked Marco if he had heard this from anyone. Marco replied that he had not but sensed that it was bought as an artefact.

Joan came back and told the group that when Craig entered the room, the hatch had been open and Chris confirmed this. Joan also recalled at the start of the vigil that the hatch was open. Joan agreed with Group one and two that this was slightly odd as noone appeared to have closed the hatch. Marco had a sense that there was a Rugby connection. The group then moved to the cradle and Lisa sensed a woman who seemed to speak Gaelic. Lisa sensed that she was an elderly lady who was 80 years old and who was rambling on. Lisa then had a connection to James - Royal. Marco had sensed that the lady was the baby's mother. Marco then sensed some people from the 20th Century, gathering because an important woman was coming. The group speculated as to who it could be. Alison pointed out that Princess Margaret had visited in the 1970's and the Queen in the 1990's.
Marco then witnessed what looked like a small animal going from the Alcove to the Turnpike Stair.

TIME: 21:25 HRS
On the stair Soraya could feel a lot of draughts up and down the stair and at 21:30 hrs, the group heard a door open and Colin felt quite dizzy on the stair, following this Colin sensed a young child running up and down. Soraya and Bronach then both commented that they could smell a strange odour. Following this Soraya then asked for for sounds. Leanne felt that the bannister was warm as she held it coming down the stair and found this quite strange. Leanne also sensed a pumpkin but was not sure what the connection was.

TIME: 22:10 HRS
Joan asked out for communication and Marco was sensing someone who was upset, he felt it was the Earl. Lisa sensed the seventh Earl and the names John Frances Erskine.

Marco sensed 17
Lisa sensed 41

Joan asked if Lisa had a date of his passing. Joan then asked if spirit could show a light on the portrait. Lisa said that she was losing her link and so was Marco. Marco did sense a lady dressed in white, Victorian, wearing a hat and that she had dark hair and was very pretty. Lisa was thinking of the names Claire and Violet. Marco then had the feeling of a woman who was young and then old, she was very pretty when young and good looking when she was older. Frank then asked the group if anyone was wearing perfume. None of the women were and Frank could smell perfum to his left. (There is a natural explanation for this one. Group 1 had also picked up on this smell and also traced it to the Pot pourri on the table).

Lisa then sensed a white dress, flowery, Edwardian era, a nice person, very serious but well mannered. Marco was sensing someone from the Queen Victoria era and with a very privelaged background. Frank then noticed that the Pot pourri was on the table and located that this was where the smell was coming from. Thanks were then offered to spirit from the group and Lisa commented that the lady had replied that she was surprised that she had been thanked.

TIME: 22:10 HRS
No activity reported

TIME: 22:30 HRS
Marco saw a child in one of the pictures and he also noticed a cat in the painting and thought this may have been the cat he saw.
22:40 hrs: A circle was then attempted. The sitters were:
Marco Piva
Lisa Bowell
Chris De Rosa
Joan Green
Stephanie MacDonald

The sitters all stood round the cradle. Rhoda Carr scribed the circle and Derek Green timed the circle.

> Marco senses somone running from the top of the stair right to left direction.
> Marco sensing a voice in a language he can't understand.
> Stephanie asking French?
> Marco explaining he understands French.
> Joan asking Gaelic?
> Marco saying it could be.
> Lisa sensing the name Margaret good.
> Rhoda asking does Margaret have any other family.
> Lisa says a wife was sent here.
> Why?
> Lisa says a nurse is looking after the baby.
> Where do you come from Margaret? (Joan)
> England.
Q: What is the name of the baby?
A: James.
> Lisa says that Margaret was sent here because her husband was here.
Q: Margaret, who was the baby? (Joan)
A: Baby? (Lisa)
Q: Was he important? (Joan)
A: Oh yes (Lisa).
Q: Did he belong to the house? (Joan)
Q: Like a King? (Marco)
A: No, Baby lost to the crib. (Lisa)
Q: Did baby grow up with Margaret? (Joan)
A: No. (Lisa)
Q: Did the baby grow up up at all? (Marco)
A: Yes it did. (Lisa)
Derek noted that Lisa was swaying.
Stephanie then said that she could see 2 babies with the crib but one was dead. It was kept hush hush and the remaining baby was passed off as the other one which had died. Marco then sensed meta physical blood had been spilt.
Q: Who was James' mother, Margaret? (Joan)
A: Lady lady. (Lisa)
Q: Tell me mothers name Margaret? (Joan)
A: Ann (Lisa)
Q: What is her title? (Joan)
A: My Lady (Lisa)
Q: Year of James birth? (Joan)
A: 1535 - 1534 - 1537 (Lisa)
Q: Do you know where James was born Margaret? (Joan)
A: Not here, south (Lisa)
Q: Was it here in Scotland? (Joan)
A: Yes (Lisa)
Q: Did James grow up and marry? (Joan)
A: Don't know (Lisa)

Marco then said that James's mother was Mary and that there was a connection to Royalty.
Derek then asked for the circle to be closed down.
Marco said that throughout the circle something was piercing him just underneath his nose and then when Lisa stopped channelling the piercing stopped. During the circle Leanne commented that she had pins and needles in her left foot and that she noticed feeling a temperature drop.

Below is additional notes which were taken during the break by Bill Green.
During the 18:25 vigil in the Ground Floor, Chris had sensed a Cardinal and Stephanie had sensed a small chapel. Later Mr John Guyon confirmed that a chapel had been planned for the Ground Floor area but had never been completed. John confirmed that Bonnie Prince Charlie's brother Prince Henry had been a Cardinal in Rome. John showed them both a painting of him in his robes. Joan also confirmed that the 6th earl was a great supporter of the Stuart Cause. The 6th Earl died in France and his body was brought back to the Tower and lay in state in the area of Ground Floor. This area had been intended to be the Chapel.

During the 18:00 vigil in the Great Hall, Chris had sensed that Mary, Queen of Scots had stayed in Alloa Tower as a child. Alison Fraser confirmed that Mary, Queen Of Scots was brought to Alloa Tower by the Earl Of Mar for safety while a child and for a short period of time before she was taken away to France. It was also confirmed that Mary, Queen of Scots had also stayed at Alloa Tower when James VI was a baby.
Firstly on behalf of the Ghost Club Council, our investigation team and myself, I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere thanks to Mrs Alison Fraser - Senior Assistant of Alloa Tower, John Guyan - NTS Guide and the National Trust For Scotland, for all their help and kindness in making this investigation possible for members of the Ghost Club.

I would also like to thank Alison and John on behalf of all my team for providing free tea and coffee all night and a lovely selection of chocolate biscuits.

I would like to sum up the second investigation at Alloa Tower as having been a very interesting night indeed. During the course of the evening there did seem to be some auditory phenomena and also some very good mediumisitic evidence. I was very interested to read from the notes that at least three of the Investigation Team all at different intervals and in different groups seemed to be aware of the sound of footfalls above their heads in the Solar Room. I know that in the previous history of the Tower, there had been an additional floor at the top of the Solar Room, what I found interesting here was that the investigators who heard the noises of the footfalls were not aware that there had been an additional floor in previous times.

I also note the clanking of the chains which were heard on the main Turnpike stair of great interest. I did check with Alison and John on the night of the Investigation and they both confirmed that there are no chains kept in the building. This intrigued me as I have left myself wondering what the Group actually heard on the stair. The area was investigated and no cause could be found for the sounds. I also find the incident with the door handle of great interest. When the door slammed shut the handle was heard to turn first. The group in question tried a few methods of closing the door and they could not replicate the sound until they finally tried turning the door handle as they closed the door with force. We know for a fact that nobody was in the room at the time when the group heard the door close. During this vigil also was the shadow which was observed on the stair by myself and Chris de Rosa. While we were at the top of the stair we both noted a shadow which we actually assumed was a pillar or a darker piece of stone. We had seen this for a good few minutes and then noted that this dark shadow had disappeared. It could have been our eyes playing tricks on us but if that was the case it lasted a bit longer than you would expect. I can confirm that at any time later in the evening and while standing in the same location, this shadow was not seen again.

I would still like to keep the file on Alloa Tower open but I would agree with the rest of the team that the second investigation was totally different from the first one in 2007. We all felt that the atmosphere in the building was stronger and and maybe due to this change it enhanced the residual energy which I feel resides in this wonderful building.

Finally I once again would like to take this opportunity in thanking Alison Fraser, John Guyon and the National Trust for Scotland for very kindly allowing The Ghost Club the chance to investigate this fantastic property.

Derek Green
Area Investigation Co-ordinator (Scotland)
Tuesday 2 December 2008

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