Ghosts of the Ghost Club

To mark the millenium, it was decided to compile a book of stories from present day members of their own true life experiences. Stories could come directly from members or their close family or friends yet it was made a condition that the stories be previously unrecorded.

This anthology, "The Ghosts of the Ghost Club 2000" is the result. The stories range from those featuring familiar themes like "The Lower House" or "Mrs Puddinghead" to stories which feature no particular tradition like "The Shoes" and "The Telephone Call". "The Obeah Man" gives the book an even further dimension.

Tthe 2nd volume of true, and, until now, untold stories from club members and friends; "Ghosts of the Ghost Club 2001".

Again, edited by Mark Stewart-Jones and compiled by the late Ivor Jones, these books will become a fitting tribute to a man who engineered the notion of written, and also recorded archives for the club. Ivor lived just long enough to see the nearly completed version and it must have been a comfort to him to see his vision become reality.

The stories feature a rich and diverse tapestry of backgrounds: A black dog; A white horse; A lady with no face; another lady with a remarkable "gift"; indecipherable writings; a trace on a radar screen; encounters with priests and soldiers; a lady in a cocktail dress ... and a certain well known wartime bandleader!

With illustrations by Edie Rogers

Also available are 13 stories selected from the two books that have been recorded for posterity on a 75 minute long CD, forming an audio archive of true ghostly accounts. The narrations are provided by Sally Schepke, Hilary Parsons, Ian Jones and Victoria Kelly. The CD was produced by Ivor Jones' son, Mark.

Ivor Jones was a retired Civil Engineer, and held a lifelong interest in ghosts and ghost stories. He joined the club in 1994 and became the Membership Secretary. Ivor died in April 2001, aged 71.

Mark Stewart-Jones, the editor of the book, is Ivor's son: he has written for The Independant newspaper (amongst others) and is the author of two novels.

  • "Ghosts of the Ghost Club 2000" is priced at 7.50 including postage and packing, and features 35 stories from Club members.
  • "Ghosts of the Ghost Club 2001" is priced at 9.50, (including postage and packing), and features 28 stories from club members and their friends.
  • "Ghosts of the Ghost Club - An Audio Archive" is a 75 minute long CD, featuring 14 stories from the books. It is priced at 11.50, which includes postage and packing.

For more details about the books or the club, please contact:

The Ghost Club, PO Box 160,
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