As a voluntary, non-profit private club, The Ghost Club does not have premises or any paid staff and so investigations and other events are organised by members of the Council in their free time.

We work with historic houses, heritage sites and unusual locations to host overnight investigations into paranormal activity throughout the year, with the aim of conducting serious research, observing and recording phenomena for posterity. Our investigations are not for entertainment purposes or for thrill-seekers. Naturally, attendees of investigations are expected to abide by any rules on the night, showing due respect to the site and fellow members.

Details of investigations are sent via email and are open to all members - if an investigation becomes over-subscribed, names are drawn on a lottery basis to give everyone a fair chance.  We hold around ten investigations a year.

Important Points to Note

We do not perform spirit clearances or exorcisms

The use of Ouija Boards is strictly prohibited, particularly because the majority of sites will not allow their use.


The Ghost Club does not charge its members to participate in investigations, but sometimes the site charges a fee for allowing our investigation (any fees payable will be detailed in the original email).

Will there be an investigation local to me?

We cannot guarantee an investigation in the local area of all members, but all attendees are given instructions to enable travel and we gather at a local pub beforehand to prepare. We are always keen to hear suggestions from members for new sites to investigate.

Where can I see the results of investigations?

The results of our investigations are published in our quarterly newsletter and on our website - see below (both available to members of The Ghost Club).

If you know of a site that you feel should be investigated, please contact

Past Investigations

Greenock Old Fire Station, April 2015 NEW
The Pearce Institute, March 2015 NEW
Provan Hall, February 2015 NEW
Robert Burns Cottage, October 2014
RRS Discovery, October 2013
Central Station Glasgow, August 2013
RAF Montrose, June 2013
Glasgow Acting Academy, February 2013
Forfar Dispatch, June 2012
RSS Discovery, August 2011
Clydesdale Inn, November 2010
Theatre Royal, Dumfries, September 2010
Alloa Tower, Alloa, November 2009
Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline, September 2009
Jedburgh Castle Jail, May 2009
Upton Court, Slough, Bucks, May 2009
Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, March 2009
Alloa Tower, Alloa, November 2008
Scotland Street School, Glasgow, October 2008
Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline, August 2008
Jedburgh Castle Jail, May 2008
Scotland's Secret Bunker, Fife, April 2008
Viaduct Tavern, London EC1, February 2008
Museum of Transport, Glasgow, February 2008
Alloa Tower, Alloa, November 2007
Scotland Street School, Glasgow, October 2007
Coalhouse Fort, Essex, October 2007
Provan Hall, Glasgow, June 2007
Arundel Town Prison Cells, June 2007
The Museum of Transport, March 2007
The Tall Ship, February 2007
The Tron Theatre, January 2007
Arundel Town Prison Cells, September 2006>
Battle Abbey, Sussex (September 2006)
House of Duns, Montrose (August 2006)
Tutbury Castle, November 2005
Arundel Town Prison Cells, July 2006
Masonic Hall, Guildford, March 2005
National Museum of Flight, East Lothian (June 2006)
Tron Theatre, Glasgow (March 2006)
National Museum of Flight, East Lothian (August 2005)
RAF Montrose Air Museum (July 2005)
Provanhall House & Blochairn House, Glasgow (May 2005)
Village of New Lanark (April 2005)
Museum of Transport, Glasgow (March 2005)
Balgonie Castle, Scotland. (February 2005)
Tontine Hotel, Ironbridge, Shropshire, (January 2005)
Culcreuch Castle Hotel, Fintry, Scotland (January 2005)
The White Hart Inn, Edinburgh (October 2004)
The Applebank Inn, Larkhall (August 2004)
RAF Montrose Air Museum (June 2004)
Waterstones Bookshop, Guildford, Surrey (September 2004)
Village of New Lanark (May 2004)
Ham House, Surrey, (March 2004)
Coalhouse Fort, Essex, (October 2003)
Ostrich Inn, Slough (September 2003)
Culross Townhouse (August 2003)
The Ram Inn, Potters Pond, Wotton-under-Edge (July 2003)
Culross Palace, (July 2003)
Michelham Priory, Sussex, (April 2003)
Union Inn, Rye – 2 investigations (November 2002 and January 2003)
An abandoned cottage near Ipswich, England.
Old Swan, Cheddington – 2 investigations (August and October 2002)
An allegedly haunted council house in London.
The Oatlands Park Hotel in Weybridge, Surrey.
The Queen's Head Pub, Weybridge
A Jacobean House in London (July 1999, October 1999 and April 2000).
The Clerkenwell House of Detention (May 1999).