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Phantom Felines

A 9-minute film about cat ghosts by GC member, Philip Carr, including experiences recounted by GC Treasurer, Lance Railton; John Hippesley (Ghost Tours of Canterbury, pictured) and a cat breeder from Sheppey.

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Riddle of the Orbs

An 18-minute video by Ghost Club member, Philip Carr, explaining the orb phenomenon and featuring experiences of Ghost Club members of other visual anomalies. (Requires Quicktime and medium speed broadband to view) Get QuickTime

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GHOSTLY MUSIC? - An intriguing clip from Ghost Club member, Kellie Kirkman, taken at a ruined church at Thundridge in Ware, Hertfordshire around midday in August 2002. Just at the end of the clip is a short but clear burst of musical notes not heard at the time, but what produced them? Samsung camcorder on 8mm tape. (Windows Media Player file - 791kb)

Orbs fly around a flat in Vauxhall in London filmed by Milton Edwards (Blink and you'll miss them!)
Milton says:'The clip shows 2 orbs, one following the other into the toilet. Well that is what it looks like to me. Perhaps ghosts still "need to go" on the other side? The first orb may not be very clear in this clip, however the second one I think is clear and very good.
During the entire investigation, I did not see any orbs and was unaware of any paranormal presence. It was only when reviewing the tape at home did I see these orbs....(or dust / insects)... I guess let the viewer decide. The footage was shot with a Sony night vision camcorder on 8mm tape. ' (Quicktime file - 76kb)

The Michelham Files

Mysterious rappings on an old door captured in 2008 by the Ghost Club.


Harry Price interview

Facinating old Movietone news piece.