Book Cover to Haunted GardensHaunted Gardens

By Peter Underwood

Like so many books of this genre we are subjected to a number of stories based on secondary sources which are often difficult to trace. However it is refreshing to note the author also adds some of his own experiences. The book is entertaining and informative, with the author going to great lengths to explain the background and history of the location before mentioning any paranormal activity.

The author Peter Underwood has mentioned nearly forty locations where paranormal activity has been reported. This includes 'old favourites' such as the nun at Borley Rectory and T.E. Lawrence and his untimely accident.

The book has quite an international feel to it as the White House in Washington and the eccentric Winchester House in California are also mentioned, as well as gardens in Spain and France. I found the chapter on the 1901 'time slip' incident of Miss Jourdain and Miss Moberly particularly interesting, having been one of the members of the ghost club who visited the Palace of Versailles back in 2001. This chapter, like several of the other story's can only give the briefest of detail to the reader as whole books have been written on the subject. 

The common thread of the book is easy to follow with each chapter being quite short and to the point, accompanied by at least one illustration. The introduction features the authors own views on ghosts along with the views of various celebrities the author has interviewed on the subject. This use of the celebrity endorsement is of course a 'double edged sword', the use of the celebrity in this book does add to its entertainment value. The book is written by an author of vast experience in this subject who has spent many years writing about his own personal experiences and retelling well known 'ghost stories'.

Personally I found the book interesting and entertaining, I would imagine many like minded readers would find it a useful book to 'dip in' and 'dip out' of.  
Review by Greg Morgan